It all comes around again

My regular Mt Edgcumbe Tuesday last week was spent lifting plants from my allotment. I was able to see them in their new quarters today and very good they look too, if I say so myself.

A fortnight ago I saw one camellia with a bud a day or two from opening. Today there were flowers dotted about all corners of the collection. The autumn flowerers tend to get collectively called sasanquas, though a couple of other species can be involved, on their own or as hybrids. The flowers are often singles, relatively small at 5-8cm or so across. Many are scented but not in a sweet perfume sort of way, more spicy, even oily, though I have a poor sense of smell so am not a good guide.

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The majority of camellias are spring flowering, notably the big japonica and x williamsii groups. It was a bit of a surprise then to find Camellia japonica ‘Daikagura’ with three open blooms. The weather has been kind so I was able to capture a good shot of a near perfect, heavily virus variegated bloom.


Camellia japonica ‘Daikagura’


My purpose in taking these pictures is to verify that the plants are what their labels say they are. Happily I believe that all those I photographed today are correct; if you disagree I would love to hear from you.

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