Area 4F – Australia and New Zealand


Area 4F – Notes

‘Edith Linton’. Described as semi-double silvery pink, so wrong. This bush has flowers of various colours. It is also completely different from the plant of the same name at 4A-018. Possibly same as 4E-025.

‘Fair Jury’ is a sport from ‘Elsie Jury’ and is clearly not at all stable. It should be white with pink flecks.

‘Lady St Clair’ is very prone to ball, meaning the flowers only partially open.

‘Mars’ is a UK variety, though the virus variegated form of it was raised in Australia. This appears to be unvariegated.

‘Mattie Cole’ 4F-029 is clearly wrong, the correct variety having large, flat, single flowers and a low growing habit, as displayed by 4F-048. I believe this is the same as the plant at 4-030, now labelled ‘Wilber Foss’ but on early maps as ‘Mattie Cole’.

‘Mystique’ is in the register as a japonica variety whereas this is definitely a reticulata. It may be that the name was ruled invalid and a new one given.

‘Sayonara’ seems to have been mislabelled ‘Charity’ at some point. It is on all the collection maps as ‘Sayonara’.

‘Somersby’, as in Area 4E, appears to have the wrong form of flower. The register describes it as rose form to peony form with no mention of formal double. However, in 2017 the flowers eventually opened fully to rose form with stamens at the centre.

‘The Czar’ in this area is wrong. A correctly labelled bush is in Area 4E.

‘White Giant’ is an American variety.



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