Area 1E – American

Section 1E

The stand-out oddity in this area is ‘Belle of the Ball’. The main bush is 4-5 meters tall and has blush pink anemone form flowers (1E-059). At its base is a much smaller plant, mostly very low to the ground and flowering rather later with deep pink flowers (1E-006). The two plants may have been planted in the same hole or one may have been the rootstock for a scion of the other. The book description is “rosy salmon, large semi-double”, so the smaller plant may be correct. The big one certainly isn’t.

‘Beau Harp’ (1e-005) should be solid red. It appears the bush has become virus infected as some blooms are white blotched, a form that has been named ‘Dr John D. Bell’.

‘Berenice Perfection’ is one of two that both blew down in 2015/16 winter. One snapped off altogether, the other is still attached and alive, but lying down.

‘California’ (1E-008) is wrong, the plant at 1N-011, with double flowers being correct as far as I know. This one appears identical to the plant labelled ‘Firefalls’ at 1N-028, although that name is also incorrect.

The two plants of ‘King’s Ransom’ beside each other at the front are very yellow, especially 1E-025.

It took me a long time to realise that ‘Martha Brice’ (1E-026) and ‘Martha Bryce’ (4C-003) are in fact quite different. The 4C-003 plant appears to be correct, though misspelt. The 1E-026 plant seems to be ‘Marie Bracey’. See blog entry ‘Martha Brice’. This also underlines the fact that the two plants labelled ‘Marie Bracey’ in 1H are something different. 1E-026 was relabelled ‘Marie Bracey’ in spring 2019.

‘Tomorrow Park Hill’ (1E-050) is the same as its namesake at 1A-049 and also the plant labelled ‘Nuccio’s Gem’ at 1G-079. I’m far from convinced that it is correctly named, though it certainly isn’t ‘Nuccio’s Gem’.

Both plants of ‘Tomorrow’ (1E-047 & 1E-048) are very yellow and don’t flower freely.

Two additions were made in autumn 2017, of ‘Cinnamon Cindy’ (1E-057) and ‘Mermaid’ (1E-058).



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