Area 1E – American

Section 1E

The stand-out oddity in this area is ‘Belle of the Ball’. The main bush is 4-5 meters tall and has blush pink anemone form flowers (1E-059). At its base is a much smaller plant, mostly very low to the ground and flowering rather later with deep pink flowers (1E-006). The two plants may have been planted in the same hole or one may have been the rootstock for a scion of the other. The book description is “rosy salmon, large semi-double”, so the smaller plant may be correct. The big one certainly isn’t.

‘Beau Harp’ should be solid red. It appears the bush has become virus infected as some blooms are white blotched, a form that has been named ‘Dr John D. Bell’.

‘Berenice Perfection’ is one of two that both blew down in 2015/16 winter. One snapped off altogether, the other is still attached and alive, but lying down.

‘California’ (1E-008) is wrong, the plant at 1N-011, with double flowers being correct as far as I know. This one appears identical to the plant labelled ‘Firefalls’ at 1N-028, although that name is also incorrect.

The two plants of ‘King’s Ransom’ beside each other at the front are very yellow, especially 1E-025.

It took me a long time to realise that ‘Martha Brice’ (1E-026) and ‘Martha Bryce’ (4C-003) are in fact quite different. The 4C-003 plant appears to be correct, though misspelt. The 1E-026 plant seems to be ‘Marie Bracey’. See blog entry ‘Martha Brice’. This also underlines the fact that the two plants labelled ‘Marie Bracey’ in 1H are something different. 1E-026 was relabelled ‘Marie Bracey’ in spring 2019.

‘Tomorrow Park Hill’ (1E-050) is the same as its namesake at 1A-049 and also the plant labelled ‘Nuccio’s Gem’ at 1G-079. I’m far from convinced that it is correctly named, though it certainly isn’t ‘Nuccio’s Gem’

Both plants of ‘Tomorrow’ (1E-047 & 1E-048) are very yellow and don’t flower freely.

Two additions were made in autumn 2017, of ‘Cinnamon Cindy’ (1E-057) and ‘Mermaid’ (1E-058).



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