Area 1N – American

Notes on 1N

Annette Gehry (1N-003 & 1N-004) should be light pink and anemone formed. This is clearly wrong.

Betty Sette (1N-005), (not Bette Sette) is described as a pink formal double, which this is not, though flower form is very variable.

Eugene Bolen (1N-023) is the solid red form of Masayoshi. As is clear in the pictures, the blooms are variegated, making this Masayoshi.

Fire Falls (1N-028) is in the collection at 1G-035 and 1G-036, where it accords with its description of loose double red. This one is clearly wrong. It looks very similar to the plant labelled ‘California’ at 1E-008.

Kona (1N-035) is a white sport of Hawaii, having the same form. It seems very unlikely that this is correctly named; neither the flower nor the leaf is similar to ‘Hawaii’.

Lavender Queen (1N-036 & 1N-037) is not a japonica but a sasanqua. Both of these bushes flower in November.

Masquerade (1N-044) is another of the troubling bicolors. It is supposed to be white with pink stripes. The register refers to Marguerite Tourje as a solid pink sport, then describes it as “Pink margined white”! That could be interpreted as pink with a white margin or white with a pink margin. Most of the blooms on the two bushes here are light pink, feathering out to white at the margin. Some are a solid mid pink. It would appear that they have mostly sported to Marguerite Tourje and are putting out the occasional bloom of Masquerade Red.

Purple Emperor (1N-061) is a synonym for Julia Drayton.

‘R L Wheeler’ 1N-062 is heavily virus infected and should be removed.


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