Area 1N – American

Notes on 1N

Annette Gehry should be light pink and anemone formed. This is clearly wrong.

Betty Sette, (not Bette Sette) is described as a pink formal double, which this is not, though flower form is very variable.

Eugene Bolen is the solid red form of Masayoshi. As is clear in the pictures, the blooms are variegated, making this Masayoshi.

Fire Falls is in the collection at 1G-035 and 1G-036, where it accords with its description of loose double red. This one is clearly wrong.

Kona is a white sport of Hawaii, having the same form. It seems very unlikely that this is correctly named; neither the flower nor the leaf is similar to ‘Hawaii’.

Lavender Queen is not a japonica but a sasanqua. Both of these bushes flower in November.

Masquerade is another of the troubling bicolors. It is supposed to be white with pink stripes. The register refers to Marguerite Tourje as a solid pink sport, then describes it as “Pink margined white”! That could be interpreted as pink with a white margin or white with a pink margin. Most of the blooms on the two bushes here are light pink, feathering out to white at the margin. Some are a solid mid pink. It would appear that they have mostly sported to Marguerite Tourje and are putting out the occasional bloom of Masquerade Red.

Purple Emperor is a synonym for Julia Drayton.

‘R L Wheeler’ 1N-062 is heavily virus infected and should be removed.


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