Area 8 – Quarry- Singles


Area 8 – Notes

This is the existing map for this area. Unsurprisingly, given the origins of this section, the terrain is very steep and of a shape that is not easily surveyed. Quite a few of the plants shown are no longer there but because many of the labels are missing it is not entirely clear what is still standing. Of the seven below the path only one remains. There are several varieties that are not singles.

There are two ‘Candy Stripe’s in the register and this one doesn’t really fit either. I think it more likely to be the Australian ‘Candy Stripe’ (Waterhouse) version, for which the description is single, white ground with red flecks and stripes.

There are six single white camellias in Area 8, three labelled ‘Devonia’, two of which are the same, the other different. The register description of ‘Devonia’ matches 8-008 & 8-009; 6-9 petals, cup shaped flower to 9cm, stamens joined one third of length. ‘Devonia’ 8-010 is quite different, same number of petals but flower flat, stamens flared and seperate to base. Not unlike ‘Coppelia Alba’ 8-006 in fact. There’s another ‘Coppelia Alba’ at 2B-009. 8-010 matches picture in Rix. Neither type matches pic in Trehane.

‘Fragrans Comber’. This seems a good match with 2D-006. It is described in the Register as a white flowered sasanqua, so this is incorrect.

‘Hassaku’. The register lists two ‘Hassaku’ forms, both white sasanquas. There is a ‘Hassaku-shibori’ which is white with a faint peppering of red and which has a red sport called ‘Benihassaku’, described as single red, medium size campanulate flowers opening out flat, very profuse and very early. Could be. Good match for picture on

‘Jitsugetsusei’ should have white blotches on a crimson background. The self red form, from which it arose as a sport, is ‘Asahi-no-minato’. The main plant snapped at ground level early 2018, leaving a group of small stems from the ground. These shoots flowered in spring 2019 and are white with red stripes, presumably from the rootstock.

The register description of ‘Judith Anderson’ is rose form white so it or this plant is incorrect.

‘Southern Cross’. Register description is “crimson red, medium large peony form. This must be doubtful.

The 08-032 plant of ‘Trewithen White’ has died and ‘White Tulip’ (08-032) seems likely to follow. It does at least resolve the numbering confusion.