Area 7 – Reticulata Section

Area 7 – Notes.

This is a very steep area where getting plants established without falling over has clearly been a problem, with several plants lying on their sides, usually downhill. Two or three others were badly damaged by a falling tree rhododendron in 2016, making it a little unclear what has survived in the bottom left hand corner.

‘Captain Rawes’, 7-006, badly damaged by a falling tree, has now died except for the stock. (2018)

‘Diamond Head’, 7-010, appears to be C. x williamsii ‘Ballet Queen Variegated’. It may have been the variety used as a rootstock but seems an odd choice.

‘Forty-niner’, 7-014. This is incorrect, it should be a peony form brilliant red.

‘Francie L’, 7-015. Has now died, 2018.

‘Hody Wilson’, 7-026. All that remains of this is sasanqua stock.

‘Yojimbo’, 7-028, is an unregistered seedling of C. ‘Mary Williams’ (7-021) planted October 2019.