Area 1G – American – M to Z

Area 1G

Notes on 1G

Because of the size of this section I have split it over two web pages.

‘Mathotiana Rubra’ is a synonym for ‘Mathotiana’ (1G-069)

‘Mrs Ann Marie Hovey’ (1G-075) is notable for producing flowers of different colours which this bush does not do.

‘Pink Champagne’ (1G-088) is a japonica variety, not x williamsii.

‘Pink Clouds’ (1G-089) is supposed to be “creamy white, sparsely speckled pink” so this is either wrong or more likely unstable and producing atypical flowers. A few blooms fit the description.

‘Polar Ice’ (1G-090) was labelled ‘Pink Icicle’ but is pure white and now corrected.

‘Simon Bolitho’ (1G-104) is a UK variety, being a seedling from Trengwainton, Cornwall.

‘Tricolor Nova’ shares its planting hole with ‘La Pace Rubra’, (1G-057)

‘Wirlinga Ruffles’ 1G-117 is an Australian raised variety.

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