1A-027 (Camellia japonica ‘Laura Walker’)

The collection records show this to have been planted in 2005 and to have come from Trehane Nursery. None of their catalogues in my possession lists it and it is not on their current website list.

The register description is:

American Camellia Yearbook, 1956, p.62, Reg. No.274: A 7 year old chance seedling, originated by Mrs J.C. Walker Sr., Marshallville, Georgia, USA. First flowered 1953. Plant growth habit is upright, dense and rapid in rate with leaves, 8 cm long x 5 cm wide. The bloom is large, semi-double with many stamens and petaloids in the centre. The colour is bright red. Flower size averages 12.5 cm across x 3.8 cm deep. Flowers early to mid-season. Sport: Laura Walker Variegated. Chinese synonym ‘Hongwoke’.

The description is accompanied by six images, five showing red flowers consistent with the description, and one, from Jennifer Trehane’s book, pink flowers. It seems likely that it is a variety from America, raised between 1950 and 1980. There is a suggestion in some of the flowers of a darker colouring around the edge of the bloom, as if it had perhaps sported from a bi-coloured variety.

Leaves are 8-12cm long, 4-5.5cm wide. Most shoots (last year’s growth) have only two or three leaves, often near the tip of the shoot.

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