Area 4D – Australia & New Zealand

Area 4D – Notes.

A lot of the plants in this area were planted as small plants in 2016 and have not yet bloomed. I have relegated them to the bottom of this page until I have pictures.

‘Fair Jury’ (4D-010) is marked on the map but broke off at ground level in 2021. It seems unlikely it will regrow, but it might.

‘Jean Lyne’ (4D-016) This should be a semi-double white, with pink stripes and flecks. Most of it appears to have sported to the solid pink form ‘Edith Linton’ but there is still one low branch of the correct variety.

‘Margaret Crozier’ (4D-018). Delicate pink complete double is the description, so this seems to be wrong.

‘Madame de Cannart d’Hamale’ (4D-021) is identical to 5C-017 and is of Belgian origin. The connection to ‘Myrtifolia’, as it is currently labelled, is that the deep pink sport of ‘Madame de Cannart d’Hamale’ was erroneously known as ‘Myrtifolia’ in Australia until renamed ‘Myrtifolia’ (Australia).