Area 5D -European

view-5dArea 5D – Notes.

‘Auguste Delfosse’. This appears to be a very shy flowering plant and the blooms it does produce are not worth the wait, being small and undistinguished.

‘Bonomiana’. The register description is formal double, pure white background with bands and speckles of bright carmine. Of the sports listed it sounds closest to ‘Bonomiana Nova’. It is also producing increasing numbers of solid pink flowers, which could be ‘Bonomiana Rosea’.

‘Campsii Alba’. The register description is “full, spherical, regular and formed like a perfect rosette.” 7-8 rows of petals, rounded, close set, regularly imbricated from circumference to centre. This could well be right though it is reluctant to open fully. Annoyingly, if it is correct, 5B-004 and 5C-003 are not, they being what I have thought of as ‘Campsii Alba’ for many years.

‘Contessa Samailoff’. Register description says pink with central white stripe, this is dark red. Very different from picture, but that lacks central stripe.

The two plants of ‘Cornish Snow’, along with a group of ‘Donation’, have not previously been included as part of this, or any other, section. Both are ‘Cornish Snow’, though one was labelled ‘Cornish Snow Winton’, an invalid name for ‘Winton’.

‘Fatima’. Register description is deep red, perfectly imbricated. I wouldn’t say theses two are deep red.

‘Jules Verne’. Planted in 2017, this is clearly wrong. I think it may be ‘Ed Combatalade’

‘Vittorio Emanuele II’. This variety, or something very like it, appears under several different names both here and elsewhere. I am inclined to think this is ‘Comte de Gomer’ but am far from sure.