Area 1G – American – A to L

Area 1G

Notes on 1G

This large area was planted up between 1999 and 2003, mainly from plants that were in the park’s own production nursery. Many are duplicates from plants elsewhere in the collection, propagated to give a backup plant.

Because of the size of this section I have split it over two web pages.

‘Blood of China’ (1G-006) and ‘Comte de Gomer’ (1G-134) were planted together in the same hole. Hence there are two labels on what appears to be one plant. See blog May 2018.

‘Carter’s Sunburst’ (1G-012) is wrong, it should be much more double. See 1H-003 for comparison.

‘Devonia’ (1G-076) was labelled ‘Tinker Bell’, which is clearly wrong. It has been relabelled ‘Devonia’, which is what it had in the past been marked on the maps as and which this variety is often known as. It is probably in fact ‘Yukimiguruma’.

‘Drama Girl’ (1G-063) was labelled ‘Latifolia’ until 2022.

‘Emmet Pfingstl’ (1G-028) is the virus variegated form of ‘Joseph Pfingstl’ but this plant appears to have no variegation.

‘Jupiter’ (1G-052) may be a seedling rather than the true clone. It is not quite the same as other plants of ‘Jupiter’ in the collection.

‘Kenkyo’ (1G-014) is the name I have settled on for this plant, though it may be ‘Setsugekka’. It was labelled ‘Chansonette’ but that was clearly wrong. See here for more details.

‘Grand Slam’ (1G-041) is variegated in about half of the bush, or more probably, there were two different forms planted together.

‘La Pace Rubra’ (1G-057) and ‘Tricolor Nova’ (1G-135) are another example of two different varieties planted together. There are now two labels on what are two very distinct plants, in flower and foliage.

‘Lady Vansittart Blush’ (1G-062) is producing flowers of a variety of colours, mostly white with pink stripes, so has reverted to ‘Lady Vansittart’.

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