Area 2A – English

Area 2A – Notes

Several very large plants in this area were pruned hard in 2016 and have not flowered this year (2017).

‘Admiral Spry’, ‘Mrs Delacquer’s Beauty’ and ‘Salicus Robe’ are not in the Camellia Register’, so I have no description for them.

‘Candidissima Pink’ (2A-009) appears to be wrong. ‘Candidissima’ is described as pure white and there is no reference to a pink form. The name ‘Candidissima Pink’ was used for a pale pink single in one nursery catalogue, according to the register.

There is no ‘Jamie Anderson’ (2A-029) in the Camellia Register but there is a ‘Janie Anderson’, described as medium sized, pink semi-double. It is a williamsii hybrid.

‘Juno’ (2A-033 & 2A-034) is a synonym for ‘Jupiter’ (Paul). These two plants appear identical to ‘Jupiter’ (4A-026) but slightly different from ‘Jupiter’ (1G-052).

‘Lady Loch’ (2A-035) is a sport of ‘Aspasia Macarthur’ and should be salmon pink, bordered white. This is clearly something else.

‘Lady Vansittart Lanarth’ (2A-036) is a synonym for ‘Lady Vansittart’.

‘Migali’ (2A-041) is described as a small shell pink single. This appears to be ‘Lady Vansittart’, as does the similarly labelled plant at 5-047.

‘Nagasaki’ (2A-042) is a synonym for ‘Mikenjaku’, which originated in Japan.

‘Preston Rose’ (2A-054) never recovered from pruning in 2016 and is dead (2018)

‘Salicus Robe’ (2A-062) died in a strimming accident summer 2018.

‘Thompsonii’ (2A-060), ‘Thomponii’ on its label, ‘Trombonii’ on the map. It seems unlikely that this is the same as the plant of the same name at 4A-042 but which is correct, if either, I don’t know.