Area 1M – American



Areas 1M & 1N. The tree at the left is the champion London Plane for Cornwall, measured in 2004 at 34m. It’ll have grown a good bit since then.


Notes on 1M.

‘Angela Cocchi’ (1M-001) appears to be wrongly named, being described as formal double to rose form, white with red spots and stripes.

‘Flowerwood’ (1M-018 & 1M-019) is a fimbriated form of ‘Julia Drayton’. There have been suggestions of a serrate edge to the petals on some blooms in some years, so the plant is probably correctly named but not very different from its parent. This year (2017) there is no trace of fimbriation on either plant so they seem to have reverted to ‘Julia Drayton’. The picture on the ACS website lacks any fimbriation and the one in Macoboy is rose form, not formal double, and lacks fimbriation.

‘Geisha Girl’ (1M-021 & 1M-022) should be light pink with darker stripes and blotches. Both of the plants here are consistently white with pink markings. Bicolors are usually unstable so this is probably a sport; however none of this type is described in the Register.

‘Granada’ (1M-023) has been reduced to a few inches by over zealous part time staff. (July 2018)

‘H.A. Downing’ (1M-026) is described as a blood red semi-double. This is mid pink and pretty much formal double.

‘Happy Higo’ (1M-027) is given as a Higo on the label here and in the Camellia Register. This is incorrect, it having been raised in America by Nuccio’s Nurseries, in whose catalogue it is listed as a japonica.

‘Joe Nuccio’ (1M-030 & 1M-031), of which there are two plants in this area, almost always produces a range of lilac toned blooms, often with a distinct red edge. In form it matches the descriptions I have seen but its tendency to strange colouring doesn’t seem to have been noted elsewhere.

‘Julia Drayton’ (1M-032) is in fact ‘Grand Sultan’, see blog of 9/5/2017

‘Masquerade’ (1M-037) is another of the troublesome bicolors. It is supposed to be white with pink stripes. The register refers to ‘Marguerite Tourje’ as a solid pink sport, then describes it as “Pink margined white”! That could be interpreted as pink with a white margin or white with a pink margin. Most of the blooms on the two bushes here are light pink, feathering out to white at the margin. Some are a solid mid pink. It would appear that they have mostly sported to ‘Marguerite Tourje’ and are putting out the occasional bloom of ‘Masquerade Red’.

‘R L Wheeler’ (1M-044) is heavily virus infected and should probably be removed.