Area 2E – English


Section 2E – English


‘Adelina Patti’ is in the Camellia Register but the red form is not. It does look like a red form of the white margined ‘Adelina Patti’.

Coccinea’ (2E-005) is now dead (July 2018) having been strimmed at the base.

‘Eric Baker’ is wrong. The name was given to the unregistered ‘Trewithen White’, with a double or anemone form flower.

‘Himeotome Red’ is presumably a red form of the Japanese ‘Hime-otome’. It appears to be unregistered.

‘Minnie Maddern Fiske’ and ‘Red Dandy’ are both American raised varieties. ‘Minnie Maddern Fiske’ is described as uniform rose pink, which raises doubts about these plants.

‘Red Cardinal’ is described as “deep pinkish red” whereas these are blood red.

‘Ruby Creek’ is an unregistered variety raised by Nick Creek.

‘Sylvia’ is probably ‘Sylva’, not having enough petals to be ‘Sylvia’, which is in any case of Italian origin.