Area 1L – American


Notes on Section 1L

This section is on the north side of the amphitheatre, facing almost due south, so it gets a lot of sun at the front edge but because the tree canopy is dense, much less at the back. The ground also climbs steeply so the soil at the back of the section is probably poorer and drier than at the front.

Like Noah’s Ark, there are two of almost every variety and due to their location, in most cases one is doing a good deal better than the other. Hence there are several instances where I have pictures of one but not the other.

This section was affected by a large Beech tree falling onto it in 2017. The damage was as follows:

Broken off at ground level. May grow again but nothing showing Feb. 2018
1L-021 ‘Little Man’
1L-022 ‘Little Man’
1L-043 ‘Strawberry Parfait’

Very badly damaged, 2-3 ft stems all that is left. Will probably recover in time.
1L-011 ‘Garden Glory’
1L-019 ‘Kramer’s Beauty’

Damaged but will recover, remedial pruning has been carried out.
1L-007 ‘Eldorado’
1L-009 ‘Empire Rose’
1L-017 ‘Kewpie Doll’
1L-018 ‘Kramer’s Beauty’
1L-031 ‘Mark Alan’
1L-041 ‘Strawberry Blonde’
1L-046 ‘Wilamena’
1L-048 ‘Wilamena’

1L-043 ‘Strawberry Parfait’, has had ‘Turandot’ planted on top of it. (March 2018) I have given it the number 1L-057. It was at 1N-079 but in waterlogged ground.

Update: August 2018
1L-022 ‘Little Man’ and 1L-043 ‘Strawberry Parfait’ are both now shooting. 1L-057 ‘Turandot’, planted to replace 1L-043 ‘Strawberry Parfait’, is now dead. 1L-021 ‘Little Man’ is still showing no growth.

Update October 2019
1L-021 ‘Little Man’ is also shooting and looks like a survivor.

View of Area 1L from across the amphitheatre. ‘Show Girl’ is flowering left of centre.

‘Cinderella’ (1L-004) is a sport of ‘Fred Sander’ with white stripes and blotches against the red. This appears to have reverted back to ‘Fred Sander’. If it appears stable I will relabel it.

El Dorado’ (1L-008) is another planting where two varieties have ended up together, in this case ‘Bob’s Tinsie’ and ‘El Dorado’. I have cut the ‘Bob’s Tinsie’ out but it grows back.

‘Deep Secret’, ‘Empire Rose’ and ‘Strawberry Parfait’ were all raised by Les Jury in New Zealand. ‘Empire Rose’ is a williamsii by virtue of one eighth saluenensis in its parentage.

While there is a japonica variety called ‘Maiden’s Blush’ (1L-027 & 1L-028), this is clearly a sasanqua.

‘Mark Alan’ (1L-032) was originally labelled ‘Black Tie’ and has been re-labelled, hence three ‘Mark Alan’s and one ‘Black Tie’ in the section.

‘Winter’s Rose’ (1L-055) is described as being a miniature, shell pink formal double, making the identity of this very doubtful.