Area 3A – Japan

Area 3A -Notes.

For a very small section there are a lot of questions to be answered here. There is also an additional bush to the left of ‘Gauntlettii’ with red flowers that is not shown on the 3A or 1A maps. I have numbered it 3A-013.

‘Arajishi’ is a white blotched virus variegated form of ‘Beni-Arajishi’. I have seen no variegation on this plant.

‘Eximia’ is described in the Register as of a deep rose colour, with notched rounded petals. I have my doubts.

In America ‘Hakutsuru’ seems to be applied to a semi-double white but in Japan, where it originates, it is a single. Pictures of Japanese origin online show a flower very like this one.

‘Kumasaka’ appears to be ‘Debbie’. Perhaps it was used as a rootstock?

‘Satanella’. The Camellia Register says this is said to be of Italian origin and to have large peony form flowers, putting the identity of this plant, with semi-double flowers, in doubt.

‘Nanbankô’ was labelled ‘Tarô’an’. This is wrong, see 3B-037, 3B-038 & 3B-039 for what appears to be correct, ie a single, widely cup-shaped pink. Having looked at an old list of the collection, I believe this is ‘Nanbankô’ and it has been re-labelled.

‘Yukihaku’. It appears that the correct reading of this name is ‘Yukishiro’, meaning “Snow white”.  Unfortunately it should be a pure white single. On the label it is ‘Yukimi haki’, on the plan ‘Yuki-haki’ and in the collection records ‘Yukima-Haki’. In the register ‘Yuki-haki’ is said to be a corruption of ‘Yukihaku’, itself a different reading of ‘Yukishiro’.