Area 1A – American

Area 1A – Notes
The plants for which I would particularly appreciate suggestions for correct identities are 1A-004 & 1A-005 ‘Auburn White’; 1A-009 ‘Cardinal’; 1A-027 ‘Laura Walker’; 1A-042 ‘Reverend John Bennett’ and 1A-044 ‘Snowflake’.

‘Adolphe Audusson Special’ (1A-001) is a virus variegated form of ‘Adolphe Audusson’ and should be heavily blotched white, which this plant is not.

‘Auburn White’ (1A-004 & 1A-005) are both wrong. I think they are probably ‘China Doll’ but they are not a perfect match with the plant at 1K-011. However, that plant is growing in very different conditions from the 1A plants. There is an ‘Auburn White’ at 1H-001 which I believe is correct.

‘Cardinal’ (1A-009) doesn’t match the book description of “bright red, full peony”.

‘Felice Harris’ (1A-017) has long been thought to be a sasanqua x reticulata hybrid but this is now regarded as wrong and it has been reclassified as a x williamsii.

‘Kramer’s Supreme’ (1A-025) has just started to flower following severe pruning a number of years ago but is not producing many and they are too high to reach.

‘Laura Walker’ (1A-027) is described as “semi-double to anemone form” so I have doubts about this plant.

‘Marguerite Gouillon Rose’ (1A-032) is a sport of the French ‘Marguerite Gouillon’ and seems to have arisen in France like its parent.

‘Midnight Magic’ (1A-052) is a small plant that appears to have been planted amongst much bigger bushes, throwing it into deep shade. It needs to be moved.

‘Purity’ (1A-041) is the American synonym for ‘Shiragiku’ and this plant appears identical to the plant of that name at 1D-026.

‘Reverend John Bennett’ (1A-042) should be a salmon pink double, not the bright red of the plant here. It now has just a number on the plant.

‘Snowflake’ (1A-044) is a puzzle. There are two varieties listed under the name, one a single white japonica, the other a single white sasanqua. This appears to be neither and somewhat resembles ‘Shiro-wabisuke’ in Area 3C though the blooms are larger with a few more petals.

‘Southern Charm’ (1A-045) is a good sized bush but is showing no sign of flowering.

‘Susan Carter’ (1A-047) is a synonym for ‘Frizzle White’.

‘Tomorrow Park Hill’ (1A-049) does not match the Register description of semi-double, soft pink, deeper toward the edge and with some variegation. This plant appears identical with the plant of the same name at 1E-050 and also the plant labelled ‘Nuccio’s Gem’ at 1G-079.