Area 1A – American

Area 1A – Notes

‘Cardinal’ doesn’t match the book description of “bright red, full peony”.

‘Elegans Supreme’ is described as “deep rose pink” or “wine red”. I think this is ‘Elegans Splendor’.

‘Felice Harris’ has long been thought to be a sasanqua x reticulate hybrid but this is now regarded as wrong and it has been reclassified as a x williamsii.

‘Jenny Lind’ is a large bush but seems very reluctant to bloom. It may still be recovering from severe pruning. Update April 2018, some flowers have now been produced.

‘Kramer’s Supreme’ has still not started to flower following severe pruning a number of years ago.

‘Lady Kay’ should be bright scarlet, variegated and fimbriated, making this plant something else.

‘Laura Walker’ is described as “semi-double to anemone form” so I have doubts about this plant.

‘Marguerite Gouillon Rose’ is a sport of the French ‘Marguerite Gouillon’ and seems to have arisen in France like its parent.

‘Midnight Magic’ is a small plant that appears to have been planted amongst much bigger bushes, throwing it into deep shade. It needs to be moved.

‘Nuccio’s Pearl’ appears to in fact be ‘Nuccio’s Jewel’.

‘Purity’ is the American synonym for ‘Shiragiku’ and this plant appears similar to the plant of that name at 1D-026

‘Reverend John Bennett’ should be a salmon pink double, not the bright red of the plant here.

‘Snowflake’ is a puzzle. There are two varieties listed under the name, one a single white japonica, the other a single white sasanqua. This appears to be neither and somewhat resembles ‘Shiro-wabisuke’ in Area 3C though the blooms are larger with a few more petals.

‘Southern Charm’ is a good sized bush but is showing no sign of flowering.

‘Tomorrow Park Hill’ does not match the Register description of semi-double, soft pink, deeper toward the edge and with some variegation. This plant appears identical with the plant of the same name at 1E-050 and also the plant labelled ‘Nuccio’s Gem’ at 1G-079.