New additions, old problems

Yesterday morning was spent producing labels on a Gravograph machine. Some were for new additions to the collection, others for plants which have lost their labels for one reason or another.

Today I went back to attach some of the labels, but more particularly, to put wire around some of the newly planted bushes that the deer were beginning to browse. Hopefully it will be temporary and they will lose interest and chew something else.

I have updated the maps for areas 1P and 1G, where additions have been made. The additions to 1P are:

Mary Alice Cox
Mrs Charles Cobb
Button’n Bows
Winter’s Snowman
Black Magic
Dream Girl
Something Beautiful
Stacy Susan
Elizabeth Weaver

1G has had the following additions:

Lily Pons
Berenice Boddy
Black Magic
Amazing Graces
Nuccio’s Pink Lace
Christmas Daffodil
Miss Tulare
Waltz Time
Little Bo Peep

Twelve of these are new to the collection and eight provide a duplicate to a single existing plant. There are additions to the New Zealand/Australia Area 4F but I have yet to label these.


Newly planted and wired to keep the deer at bay.

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