Area 5B – European


Area 5B – Notes.

‘Angel’ seems to be the same American variety as 5A-003.

‘Bella Romana’. There is so much confusion around this variety as to make it impossible to be sure whether it is right or wrong. It is described as pink with red stripes, which this is not.

‘Romana’ is given as a synonym of ‘Bella Romana’, so it should be the same as 5B-002 but is not. The ‘Romana’ version seemsmore likely to be correct, being closer to red stripes on a pink ground.

‘Campsii Alba’. The register description is “full, spherical, regular and formed like a perfect rosette.” 7-8 rows of petals, rounded, close set, regularly imbricated from circumference to centre. This would appear to be wrong and the plant at 5D-004 more likely to be correct.

‘Eximia’ is described in the Register as of a deep rose colour, with notched rounded petals. I have my doubts.

According to the register, ‘Frans Van Damme’ was originally a formal double bicolor, pink striped white. The version in circulation now appears to be a solid pink sport. This plant is wrong. The flowers on this bush are exceptionally variable in both shape and colour. I believe this to be ‘Sultana’, the same as 1B-013, 1J-038 & 1J-039.

‘Lalla Rookh’ is the variegated form of ‘L’Avvenire’. This is somewhat variegated. It should have a distinctive narrow leaf; I will check.

‘Donckelaeri’ is a synonym for ‘Masayoshi’ and numerous forms of it have been named, many of them variations on the degree of virus variegation and now all regarded as synonyms. This appears identical to ‘Masayoshi’ at 5A-045 and I don’t believe either is correct.

‘Frau Minna Seidel’ is a synonym for ‘Otome’, a camellia of Japanese origin.

‘Tricolor Siebold’ is a synonym for ‘Tricolor’ but this is a pure white formal double so must be something unrelated to ‘Tricolor’. There is another plant with the same name and blooms in the formal gardens.

‘Trionfo di Lodi’. Seemingly the same as the two plants of this name in 5A, and like them, wrongly named. It is described as delicate pink, regularly imbricated, petals round at the edge, oval toward the centre.