Area 1J – American




Section J notes.

Section J is at the lower end of the amphitheatre and faces almost south.

‘Caleb Cope’ described as pale rose with no mention of the pink stripes this plant has.

Catherine Cathcart’ is described as “late flowering, full double pink, marbled with white. Round, light green foliage, slow growth. Early blooming.”  ACS pic much paler.

‘Dainty’ is a name that has been applied to three different varieties. I would guess that this should be Dainty (California), which is a sport from ‘Tricolor’ that should be white with red stripes and a fringed edge. How that differs from ‘Cinderella’, a sport of ‘Fred Sander’ with the same characteristics and which also derives from ‘Tricolor’ via ‘Lady de Saumerez’, I don’t know.

‘Grape Soda’ is described as having “Very unusual colours. Lavender to lavender-red.” This is a rather ordinary single red.

‘Lady Erma’ is described misleadingly in the register, as “pink, complete peony” and “soft pink, formal double to peony form”. This is neither and I think it is wrong.

Mariann’ has no “e”, according to the register.

‘Midnight Serenade’ is a very good dark red single which flowers over a long season but the blooms damage easily and a perfect one is something of a rarity. It does occasionally set seed and there is a seedling of it in Area 1G.

The two plants 1J-031 ‘Patricia Ann’ and Unknown 1J-041 seem to be the wrong way round. 1J-041 is a good fit for ‘Patricia Ann’. 1J-031 then becomes the unknown one.