Area 11 – Car Park Environs

There are thirteen Camellias in and around the Barrow Centre Car Park which don’t fit with any other section so I’ve created section 11 for them. There are a few problems:

11-001 Beau Harp is really struggling and needs to be moved somewhere better.

11-002 ‘Blood of China is probably ‘Compte de Gomer’. It isn’t ‘Blood of China’.

11-004 ‘Cornish Cream’ is an invalid name for what I take to be either ‘Jury’s Yellow’, ‘Brushfield’s Yellow’ or ‘Gwenneth Morey’.

11-007 ‘Leonard Messel’ is labelled ‘Debbie’ and needs relabelling.

11-006 ‘Elizabeth Anderson’, 11-010 ‘Sasanqua Rubra’ and 11-011 ‘Twiss Cornwall’ were planted in 2016, are quite small, have no labels and have not flowered.

11-Car Park Area