Area 2C – English



Area 2C notes.

Area 2C contains a number of conundrums that need resolving.

‘Blackburnia’ (2C-003) is supposed to be very similar to or the same as ‘Althaeflora’, making this incorrect. See 2C-001.

‘Carolyn Williams’ (2C-009) was in very poor condition and has now expired (2019).

‘Debbie’s Carnation’ (2C-012) is really an outlier of the adjacent area 4F, being New Zealand raised, not English.

‘Eximia’ (2C-019) is described in the Register as of a deep rose colour, with notched rounded petals. I have my doubts.

‘Hilo’ (2C-022, 2C-023) is a name that arose as a misreading of HJ10, the code number of an un-named Jury hybrid that was received at Trewithen. According to the Register it is believed to be a synonym for the New Zealand C.reticulata hybrid ‘Highlight’ but that is described as “brilliant red” whereas this variety is vivid pink.

‘Lady Vansittart Pink’ (2C-031) is a sport of the bicolored ‘Lady Vansittart’ and should be solid pink. It does have the odd bloom that is, but most are slightly purplish pink with a white edge, making them another sport called ‘Yours Truly’. It may have been correct when planted but what label it should carry now is anybody’s guess.

‘Marjorie Waldegrave’ (2C-008) was labelled ‘Candy Stripe’ but has now been corrected.

‘Mrs Derlacquer’s Beauty’ (2C-040) is an unregistered variety from Imberhorne Lane nursery. I believe ‘Ruby Creek’ (2C-047) may be too.

Both plants of ‘Olga Anderson’ (2C-043, 2C-044) from this section have died.

‘Snowflake’ (2C-049) is described in the Register as a medium sized white single whereas this one is a small semi-double. It may well be the same as 1A-044, which is in an American section.

‘The Mikado’ (2C-050) is supposedly a sport of ‘Hikarugenji’ that differs only in that the pink or red stripes don’t cut across the white margin. In the case of the blooms pictured here they clearly do. It doesn’t sound like much of a distinction to start with.

‘White Swan’ (2C-053, 2C-054) is the name on two plants in this area. They seem to be quite different from each other and neither is the single white with seven petals and a few petaloid stamens described by the Register.