Area 3B – Japan & China


Area 3B – Notes.

Most of the plants for which I don’t have photographs in this area are new additions from 2015 which have not started to flower yet. Additionally, the area is under very large trees so in summer it is very shady and likely to get very dry, neither conducive to a good flower display.

‘Lady Clare’ is a synonym for ‘Akashigata’.

3B-002 ‘Albertii’ appears to in fact be ‘Donation’.

3B-019 ‘Jitsugetsusei’ snapped off at ground level and is presumed dead.

‘Konronkoku’ 3B-023. This is clearly wrong, see 3B-022 for a correctly named plant.

Camellia maliflora is accorded species status though it is almost certainly a hybrid. It was imported to England from China in 1816 and has not subsequently been found in China.

3B-040 ‘Trebah Gardens’. The Register only includes this because it is in the Mount Edgcumbe list and says it may be an unknown old variety.