A good day

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I have had quite a number of camellias growing on the second of my two allotments for the last two seasons. Today was moving day for some of them. More accurately, tomorrow is moving day, today was digging day. Tomorrow they are on their way to join the National Collection at Mt Edgcumbe.

This first tranch, of 39 plants, includes 21 varieties that are not in the collection and 10 for which a duplicate was needed.

The new varieties are as follows:

Mary Alice Cox (USA)
Bambino (USA)
Mrs Charles Cobb (USA)
Adeyaka (USA)
Something Beautiful (USA)
Black Magic (USA)
Dream Girl (USA)
Stacy Susan (USA)
Elizabeth Weaver (USA)
Trinket (USA)
Nuccio’s Pink Lace (USA)
Christmas Daffodil (USA)

Nonie Haydon (NZ)
Snippet (NZ)
Bett’s Supreme (NZ)
Mystique (NZ)
Takanini (NZ)
Tamzin Coull (NZ)

Jamie (AUS)

Unnamed Midnight Serenade seedling (UK)

Sasanqua Rubra

More will be following them when places to plant them have been prepared and in some cases when they have grown a little bigger.


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