Area 9 – Carlyon Camellias


Area 9 – Notes.

‘China Clay’ 9-002 is correct, so 9-003 is clearly wrong.

The three plants of ‘Rosemary Sawle’, 9-017, 9-018 and 9-019 include two that are the same and one quite different, 9-018. I believe 17 and 19 are correct and that 9-018 is ‘Olga Carlyon’. It matches one at Anthony and has the same serrated ends to the petals as the plant at Tregrehan. The ‘Rosemary Sawle’s are a good match with the Tregrehan records.

‘Tristrem Carlyon’ 9-023 appears to be ‘Debbie’, at least in part. High in the bush, well out of reach, the foliage and flowers look like they may be different and perhaps correct.