Mt. Edgcumbe update – Identification issues – 12/3/2023

When I was at the park on Friday, I cut a couple of shoots from 2C-003 Camellia japonica 'Blackburniana' and a couple from 5C-002 Camellia japonica 'Adolphe Audusson', put them in a bag and brought them home. There are two plants in section 2C labelled 'Blackburniana' and they are completely different. The other one, 2C-004, … Continue reading Mt. Edgcumbe update – Identification issues – 12/3/2023


Most visitors to Mt Edgcumbe will start at the top of the collection and work their way down. This will take them along the level path known as the Earl's Drive, along both sides of which are planted camellias. One of the most prominent of these, in section 5A, not quite at the path edge … Continue reading Masayoshi


Plant Heritage is the organisation that oversees the business of National Collections and as part of that they provide an online database system onto which collection holders can put the records of their collection. It's called Persephone. Their earlier database system was called Demeter. Cultured lot, Plant Heritage. As far as the Mt Edgcumbe collection … Continue reading Persephone