Area 1F – American


Area 1F – Notes

Area 1F is on the south-east side of the amphitheatre, facing north-west. It slopes very steeply and has a canopy of mature trees, so it gets almost no sunshine. As a result, the plants here are somewhat more rangy and open than in more open areas.

There are two bushes of ‘Blood of China’ (1F-002 & 1F-003) the pictures of which make them look quite different. I think they are the same, the pictures were taken in different seasons.

‘Feast’s Perfection’ (1F-010) is described as a bicolor; delicate pink with obscure crimson stripes. This seems unlikely to be right.

‘Fire’n’Ice’ (1F-011) seems wrong, the description being bright red semi-double to rose form.

‘Mrs Ann Marie Hovey’ (1F-004). Like the plant at 1G-075 this seems to be wrong because the variety is noted for producing flowers of different colours and on this bush they are all the same shade of pink. It is in the collection record as ‘C M Hovey’ which may well be correct.

There is an American variety called ‘Splendens’ (1F-029) but I suspect that this is ‘Coccinea’, to which it has been applied as a synonym.