Area 1B – American

Area 1B notes.

This small section is against the deer park fence and quite exposed to wind. Both ‘Elizabeth Dowd’ and ‘Moonlight Bay’ struggle to get blooms fully open before they are damaged, the former being especially vulnerable as it flowers very early; ‘Leonora Novick’ suffers too but for a white, stands up to the wind surprisingly well.

‘Agnes of the Oaks’ (1B-001) is described in the Register as variegated, which none of the blooms on this bush are. It fell over in winter 2017/18 and has been propped up.

‘Felice Harris’ (1B-006) was thought to be a sasanqua x reticulata cross but is now regarded as x williamsii.

‘Captain Blood’ (1B-005) can in certain conditions turn bluish purple, usually after a slight frost. It does not do so consistently.