Area 3C – Japan and China

Section 3C – Japan & China (6 March 2017)

‘Hikarugenji’ and ‘Herme (now relabelled ‘Hikarugenji’)’ are supposed to be the same. The flowers shown here are quite different so I must compare foliage as well as blooms this season.

3C-031 ‘Sylva’ was shown on the plan as ‘Sylvia’ but as with the other plants bearing the name, has insufficient petals and seems much more likely to be ‘Sylva’. That said, ‘Sylva’ is said to be rare in cultivation, most of the plants so named in fact being ‘Jupiter’.

‘The Mikado’ is a sport of ‘Hikarugenji’, differing only in there being an absence of any pink streaks crossing the white margin. This doesn’t seem to hold true here.

In March 2018 a large Nothofagus growing at the back of this section fell doing a lot of damage. 3C-019 ‘Kinsekai’  was right under the trunk which is still lying there in November 2019, though I’m told it is to be winched out soon. Two growing seasons on and with some remedial pruning having been carried out in both years, the damaged plants are slowly recovering. See blog for 15 March 2018.  Unfortunately ‘Bokuhan’ (3C-005) didn’t survive the removal of the fallen tree, which was not done with as much care as I’d have liked.