I am in the process of compiling galleries of images of camellias that I have taken over several years, mostly in Cornwall where I live and where four of the five National Collections of Camellias are located.

When that is complete I intend to create pages of similar varieties as an aid to identification.

It would be great if I could include information about flower size, foliage, flowering time, garden performance and so on, but that is for later.

I would also like to make recommendations for varieties for different purposes.

Alongside that I intend to blog about camellia related issues as they arise. Some of the blog entries I intend to expand on as articles.

I have had the website jimscamellias.co.uk for some years but am no longer maintaining it. All the content will be transferred to this site in due course.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr. Stephens,
    As an enthusiastic amateur with Camellias, I just want to express thanks for your photographic collection of these wonderful plants. I frequently use it for reference, together with the ICS Register. It’s a pity that we live so far from Mt. Edgcumbe – and, indeed, that I have to continue to work full time into my 70s – albeit with a contract gardening partnership!
    Please keep up the good work!
    Adrian House


    • Thank you! It’s very pleasing to me that what I essentially do for pleasure is of use to others. I am very aware that I am fortunate indeed to be retired and have the health and resources to do what I do at Mount Edgcumbe. I hope to be able to do so for a few years yet, it’s not a task with an end in sight.


  2. Hi Jim,
    Always a delight to dip into your fund of knowledge. Beautiful pictures and such a valuable reference website. Koto-no-Kaori has the most delightful perfume. Minus 5C here today everything solid. Roll on spring. Looking forward to next years visit. Keep up your good work. Seasons greetings.
    Kind regards,
    Mike Timberlake


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