9 thoughts on “Aarons-Ruby

      • I’m Aaron born Feb. 4 1957 L.C. Memorial. I have the trophy for Lafayette Camellia Society, Civic Award, January 12, 1957.
        That’s a good picture, nice to see. Thank you!


      • I very much doubt whether any nursery here would want to go through all the phytosanitary hoops to send one and I’m pretty sure it would be prohibitively expensive. Maybe you could track a growing plant down via a Camellia Society over there and get someone to take cuttings?


    • Yes,

      Ruby Aaron Ragusa
      And she did live in lake Charles and moved to New Orleans

      I was born in 59 so that explains it

      That’s good to know

      I actually need one
      Mine died
      Do you sell them


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