Another small step

I have put pictures up for another section at Mount Edgcumbe, 1L. It is a bit longwinded to slot in pictures to an existing entry so I am waiting until I have the majority in a section before putting anything up. A lot of stuff is starting to flower now and I am snapping away, but still have a long way to go. It will be necessary to replace some of the earlier pictures with better ones as the first flowers can be atypical or damaged by bad weather.


Section 1L, ‘Kramer’s Beauty’ and ‘Show Girl’ on the left.

On my last couple of visits I’ve taken around a thousand pictures each time and have barely sorted them out before the week has gone around and I’m back up there for more.

It is my intention to bring together all the varieties that are unidentified into a rogues gallery. Hopefully Camellia enthusiasts the world over will dip in and see if they can recognize anything. I will try to put together as full a description of each of them as I can, with multiple pictures.

This would be typical; both are labelled ‘Katie’ but obviously they cannot both be. Unless there are two varieties with the same name, which does happen; or one has produced a sport of a different colour which hasn’t been recognized or named yet, which could happen…… ‘Katie’ is described as a very large, salmon, rose pink semi-double so it is very likely the pink one is right and the white one wrong. But what then is the white one?

The first step is to check if there is an identical white in the collection with a different name. A job for Tuesday when I’m back up there. I have a lengthening list of jobs for Tuesday.

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