Mount Edgcumbe montage

I posted this montage on Twitter but didn’t have space for the names. Last Tuesday at Mt Edgcumbe the camellias were really getting into their stride. I spent the day taking photos and these are some of the highlights, names below.


Row 1, Masayoshi (probably), Dainty (California), grijsii, General Lamoriciere, Sundae.
Row 2, Felice Harris, Seagull, Trionfo di Lodi, White Nun, Jennifer Turnbull.
Row 3, Lily Pons, High Hat, San Dimas, Tear Drops, saluenensis.
Row 4, Betty Foy Sanders, Coed, Otome Shibori, Desire, Sweetheart.
Row5, Firedance, Sunny Side, Miss Universe, Interval, Momijigari.

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