Camellia japonica ‘Sea Foam’ (6-025)

Camellia japonica 'Sea Foam'

‘Sea Foam’ is not in the record or on the original map but the plant carrying this label is quite an old one. At its approximate location on the map is shown ‘Roza Harrison’, which is also in the records. Has someone decided that the plant labelled ‘Roza Harrison’ was wrong and relabelled it ‘Sea Foam’ but not amended the map or the records? There is a plant of ‘Roza Harrison’ in Area 2 which is similar but not the same. There are no other plants of ‘Sea Foam’ with which to compare this one. The register lists a aponica ‘Sea Foam’ and a x williamsii ‘Sea Foam’. The former is an American raised formal double, the latter an English semi-double. From its leaf this looks like a japonica but the flower form is wrong for it to be ‘Sea Foam’.

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