2 thoughts on “William-Carlyon

    • No, ‘William Carlyon’ is only one variety and it is a rather strident pink colour. There is another of Gillian Carlyon’s camellias called ‘Jovey Carlyon’ which is white and somewhat spreading. I wouldn’t say either are particularly good by modern standards. There aren’t many low growing camellias and I can’t think of a white one. There are some that are wider than high, especially amongst the winter flowering sasanquas, but they can be rather variable in habit, or malleable if you want a positive spin on it. ‘Kenkyo’, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Mine-no-yuki’ would be examples, all autumn/winter flowering. ‘Cornish Snow’ is a spring flowering white which is spreading in habit. Green Nurseries in Alabama have several whites in their October Magic collection, with ‘Mine-no-yuki’ in the parentage for sure. I don’t know if or when they’ll ever be available over here but they are beautiful. https://greennurseries.com/october-magic-collection/


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