Camellia japonica 'Twilight'

Camellia japonica ‘Twilight’

4 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I have a beautiful Twilight Camellia in my garden ….I inherited it from my parents’ Patricia and Charles Newman ‘who bought three of them at the time,
    from Stone Hurst Nurseries in Ardingly( many years ago, it was opposite Wakehurst Place in Ardingly Sussex, now sadly closed! ) I have taken a few cuttings from it and they seem to be just about surviving after two years! Twilight reminds me of my parents: Every Spring, when only a few flowers open; they don’t all open at once, they are tight buds and only a few flower at a time, which makes the flowers even more special, as they last longer and I have more time to cherish the flowers and my parents at the same time. Kate Crook


    • Two of the three plants of ‘Twilight’ in the Mt Edcgumbe collection came from the Stonehurst closing down sale. In all probability the third one came from there too, in that it was originally owned by a camellia enthusiast in Kent and gifted to Mt Edgcumbe when he died. It is an exquisite variety that really should be in commerce but so far as I know isn’t.


      • Thanks Jim Thats so interesting….that the Camellias in Mt Edgcumbe also came from Stone Hurst. And as far as you know Twilight isn’t commercially sold any more….my little cuttings feel even more precious. I would love to come and visit Mt Edgcumbe and will make sure that I do very soon. Best Wishes Kate ….. PS Could I send you a photograph of our Twilight plant and ask a few questions about caring for it?


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