Sasanqua season


I put this montage together to post on Twitter but couldn’t do names. Here they are:

Row 1
Winter’s Toughie
Hugh Evans
Plantation Pink

Row 2
Baronesa de Soutelinho
November Pink
Paradise Glow

Row 3
Gloire de Nantes
Winter’s Dream
Lavender Queen
Gay Sue
Show Girl
Snow Flurry

Row 4
Paradise Hilda
Shiro wabisuke
Sparkling Burgundy
Maiden’s Blush

Row 5
Winter’s Rose
Winter’s Interlude

It seemed to be the large single white flowers that were causing me grief today. At 1G-014 is a spreading bush which is labelled ‘Chansonette’. It should therefore have small, bright pink double flowers. This is what it looks like.

Flower wise, it looks very like the two plants of ‘Setsugekka’ in 3C. This is what they look like.

Both ‘Setsugekka’ are upright, fairly open plants. 1G-014 is low and wide spreading. My inclination is to regard that as unimportant.

In December 2016 I photographed the foliage of 1G-014 and ‘Setsugekka’ 3C-027  side by side.  ‘Setsugekka is on the left. It looks wet, which it may be, but it is glossier, the petioles

are stouter and lighter coloured and the leaves are mostly at right angles to the shoot, compared to the more forward pointing leaves of 1G-014. These are small differences only discernible in a side by side comparison, but are enough to convince me that the two plants are different. I need to repeat the shot to show the undersides of the leaves and with a measure for size.

Back in 2016 I wrote another blog about this plant. Then I thought it might have been ‘Kenkyo’, a variety not in the collection. That was partly based on it being very similar in flower to the few pictures of Kenkyo that I have, partly on the fact that ‘Kenkyo’ was listed by the nursery who supplied it. If anyone with Kenkyo could provide me with a picture of the shoot to compare with the one above, I would be very grateful.

The next problem relates to 10-034 which is labelled ‘Narumigata’. There are in fact two different varieties planted together. One may be ‘Narumigata’, the other has a flower very like ‘Rainbow’ but a quite different leaf from the four plants of ‘Rainbow’ in this same section. The first picture is the flower on the plant that probably is ‘Narumigata’.

On the right are shoots from the plant that is clearly not ‘Narumigata’ and from the adjacent plant of ‘Rainbow’ 10-047. The unidentified plant has longer, narrower leaves with twisted acuminate tips. Here are two of its flowers.
As far as I am aware, this doesn’t match any other plant in the collection. Any thoughts on its identity would be welcome.


3 thoughts on “Sasanqua season

    • I imagine it could. I’m trying to 1)Establish which medium-large white single or semi-double sasanqua/oleifera forms are widely grown in the UK, 2)Get a good set of photographs of flowers and foliage of each of these and identify as many individual plants as possible that are definitely correct. 3)Gradually widen the net to include other similar varieties. Oleifera is problematic in that as a species, there could be several clones in cultivation correctly assigned to the one name, possibly including introductions from the wild and cultivation, and maybe seedlings raised here.


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