Camellia japonica ‘Catherine Cathcart’ (1J-015)

Camellia japonica 'Catherine Cathcart'

‘Catherine Cathcart’ is described as “late flowering, full double pink, marbled with white. Round, light green foliage, slow growth. Early blooming.” ACS pic much paler.

2 thoughts on “Camellia japonica ‘Catherine Cathcart’ (1J-015)

  1. Can you purchase a Catherine Cathcart bush? And would it grow in Jacksonville FL? I’m reading about it in the current Southern Living and it says it’s nick name was “Leila” which was my Great Aunt’s name and the middle name I gave my daughter. She lives isn’t Central Fl ( Ormond Beach, adjacent to Daytona) I’d love to get her one for her birthday this summer if it grows well there and can be purchased.


    • Being UK based, I have little or no information about what is available in the USA. It is not in the RHS Database over here and is only in the Mt Edgcumbe collection because propagation material was sent direct from America many years ago, it won’t ever have been in commerce here. Judging from the rather scant entry in the International Camellia Society Register it didn’t make a huge impression in the USA either. You could try contacting the American Camellia Society perhaps.


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