Area 1G – American

Area 1G

Notes on 1G

‘Blood of China’ (1G-006) which should be solid red, is bicolored. Update, see blog May 2018. There are two plants together here, one of which appears to be ‘Blood of China’, the other ‘Compte de Gomer’.

‘Carter’s Sunburst’ (1G-012) is wrong, it should be much more double. See 1H-003 for comparison.

‘Chansonette’ (1G-014) is a single white instead of the double cerise it should be. I am inclined toward ‘Kenkyo’ but have been told it is definitely ‘Setsugekka’. Comparing foliage with the two ‘Setsugekka’ in 3C I would say they are not the same, though the difference is small. (Nov 2017; I am now convinced this is ‘Kenkyo’ and will relabel it in due course, see here)

‘Grand Slam’ (1G-041) is variegated in about half of the bush.

‘Jupiter’ (1G-051) is wrong, being semi-double instead of single. The plant at 1G-052 appears to be correct, though it differs from three other plants of ‘Jupiter’ in the collection, so may also be wrong. See here.

‘La Pace Rubra’ (1G-057) evidently had two plants in the same hole when it was planted and is now half red, half bicolored. The foliage on the two plants is very different. The one at the back which is white with pink stripes, appears to be the same as ‘Tricolor Nova’ in Area 6.

‘Lady Vansittart Blush’ (1G-062) is producing flowers of a variety of colours, mostly white with pink stripes, so has reverted to ‘Lady Vansittart’.

‘Latifolia’ 1G-063 and ‘Latifolia’ 1G-064 are clearly different varieties. 1G-064 seems to be the correct one. See blog article New Shoots.

‘Mathotiana Rubra’ (1G-069) is a synonym for ‘Mathotiana’.

‘Mathotiana Alba’ (1G-070) often sports flowers which are pink or pink and white. This bush seems only to produce pink flowers, which I believe makes it ‘Mathotiana Rosea’.

‘Mrs Ann Marie Hovey’ (1G-075) is notable for producing flowers of different colours which this bush does not do.

1G-076, a single white, was labelled ‘Tinker Bell’. I have come to the conclusion that it is ‘Devonia’ and it has been labelled accordingly.

‘Nuccio’s Gem’ (1G-079) is a very pale pink instead of white. The obvious explanation would be that it is ‘Nuccio’s Cameo’ but I don’t think it is that either. It is the same as two bushes labelled ‘Tomorrow Park Hill’ at 1A-049 and 1E-050 but I think that name is also incorrect. See blog New Shoots and Unknown No 1.

‘Paperdoll’  (1G-085) is listed in the Camellia Register as ‘Paper Dolls’. The plant broke off at ground level in 2017 and is dead.

‘Pink Champagne’ (1G-088) is a japonica variety, not x williamsii.

‘Pink Clouds’ (1G-089) is supposed to be “creamy white, sparsely speckled pink” so this is either wrong or more likely unstable and producing atypical flowers.

‘Simon Bolitho’ (1G-104) is a UK variety, being a seedling from Trengwainton, Cornwall.

The small bush labelled ‘Cornish Snow’ (1G-116) is in fact ‘Winton’. I have not relabelled it as it is ringbarked and unlikely to survive. Update 26/1/2017, plant is dead.

The unknown variety (1G-120) was labelled ‘Villes de Nantes’ some years back, incorrectly. It may well be ‘Masayoshi’.

‘Wirlinga Ruffles’ 1G-117 is an Australian raised variety

Right at the bottom of the set of pictures are three images of an un-named seedling of ‘Midnight Serenade’ which was planted in this area in autumn 2016.

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